Venice, Italy

Hello Lovelies,

I hope ye are all well,

As you know, we are just back from a wonderful cruise and also the fabulous Venice.

Truly a must see before it sinks



So if you’re thinking of flying to Venice via Dublin Aer Lingus puts on a great flight in just under 3 hours, and it’s not too expensive either. We flew into Marco Polo (LOL) airport which is right in the heart of the city. When you fly with Ryanair you end up about an hour outside of the city which can be a trek.

I can’t recommend flying with Aer Lingus enough, once you check in online, you can then go to the express bag drop at the airport where you can weigh your own bag, print off your own bag tag and drop your bag off all by yourself, it is so handy.

We were only staying in Venice for one night so we didn’t exactly do much. If you click this link though, it will take you which, in my opinion is the best travel activities website going. I have already pre loaded it to all the activities you can do in Venice.

We stayed in the Novotel, which was about an 30 minutes away from the Venice itself via the bus, which was great because the bus fare was €1.50 per person and it lasts for 70 minutes.

We ate in the Ristorante Canal Grande right at the Rialto Bridge.

So the bus from the hotel runs frequently enough but it finishes at about 10, which isn’t the best but will do. We had to get two buses which was fine because the bus arrives every 10 minutes. We walked from the bus terminal to the Rialto Bridge which took an hour but that was grand because we had built up an appetite so that was great as I said we ate at Ristorante Canal Grande right at the Rialto Bridge, which was expensive but you can expect that for the location.

Getting back to the hotel was a bit of a nightmare and rather expensive we got a water taxi back to the bus terminal which was €35 for 5 of us and the water taxi was so hot and stuffy and slow. But it was another nice way to see the city.

The gondolas were very expensive so we didn’t go for one of them before 7pm it was €80 and after 7pm it was €100 for 35 minutes.

We flew out of Marco Polo Airport which was a bit of a disaster as the airport is going through some reconstruction for the next two years so I would recommend flying in and out for Treviso Airport which is another 30 minutes away from Venice. Trust me… You’ll thank me!

As usual guys and dolls if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or email

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