Paris, France

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all keeping well.

Working in retail at christmas is a nightmare to try and get away I can’t take time off in between November & January so last month myself & Sean leapt at the opportunity to go to Paris during the midterm.

I know, travel during the midterm, are you mad? but it was the only time I could get away. With that in mind I am going to go through how we navigated the City of Blinding Lights (insert U2 link) successfully. As always my travel blogs are broken down into Flights, Accommodation & Things to do 🙂


With Sean, now living over in Bristol it didn’t seem to make much sense for us to cut our trip in have and have him fly to me in Dublin and then on to Paris, so instead, I flew to Bristol – as I had the longest time of work anyway. So I went from Dublin to Bristol – by myself! – I have never flown by myself before so naturally my anxiety was through the roof, but thankfully I made it out unscavved, so happy out. From Bristol we went on to Paris with easyjet, that Monday. Great Airline, arriving on time and all that jazz. One downfall though – You can only have 1 carry on bag – yep – 1. Ladies, this includes your handbag you have to be able to fit it into your other carry on. Now, for light packers this is fine, but when your going to Paris for a week and you only have carry on… its not ideal – but other than that I cannot fault there service at all. We flew i and out of Charles De Gaulle(CGD) – if you do fly with easyjet be prepared for a long walk as terminal 2D is practically the other end of the airport!


Now, the confusing part, we split our trip between Paris and Disneyland 🙂 🙂 cause who goes to Paris an doesn’t go to Disneyland, just doesn’t make sense.

Hotel Londres Sant Honores

What can I say about this hotel??

I’ll always give an honest opinion of everywhere we stay – accommodation can make or break a holiday so I try to be as real as possible while holding true to what I was thought as a kid – If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything At All! So with that, here goes:

Not as advertised!!!!!

Have you seen American Horror Story Hotel

Go Watch it and then come back to me!!!

What do you expect for the price we paid and a 10 minute walk from the Louvre?

I’ll just give you a quick overview of the hotel:

  • Clean & Tidy,
  • Skinny skinny staircase,
  • A lift big enough for 2 people, opening out dangerously onto the skinny skinny staircase
  • A big door infront our our main door – initial red flag!
  • Literally half a standard hotel room and bathroom due to a 45 degreed slopped roof
  • A TV the size of my 11” laptop screen

Vienna House Magic Circus Disneyland

Disneylands Turn!

I have never stayed in a disneyland hotel – well not to my knowledge, anything after 2 years old  doesn’t count for me! SO this was an experience for me, in true disneyland opulence this hotel was superb! Expensive & Overpriced but location wise it was superb

Our room was exactly as advertised and they provided a shuttle bus straight to and from the disneyland, which ran every 10 minutes until 12AM.

Disneyland 🙂

We went around the time of Halloween – we have been there for Christmas and working in retail – i’d never get away with getting time off at Christmas to go again so we decided to experience Disney at Halloween… the only part of the park the was decorated for halloween was Frontierland in the main disney park. Disappointing but we still enjoyed it 🙂


The concentration in my face! In it to wind it


Avoid Planet Hollywood for dinner – we unfortunately got food poisoning and on the Star Wars Tour Ride – I have never reached for my bag quicker!

Magic Shuttle Transfer

It came time for us to leave and like every kid we did not want to go, but the Magic Shuttle made it a lot easier. You can board it right outside Disneyland and it will take you to any of the airports do leave with at least 4 hours before your flight – as the coach stops and every disney hotel along the way & you can buy your tickets on the bus 🙂 So handy

Louvre & Eiffel Tower

The louvre is incredible 🙂 but not open on a tuesday – even painting need a break every now and then! but a must do.


The Eiffel Tower – simply breathtaking day or night 🙂 now if you are afraid of heights so I am you are well looked after via ridiculous tall/high wires – you are not falling out! We went the whole way to the top where you can buy a glass of champagne and overlook the entire city for only €25 per person – I would highly recommend this one.

IMG_2329IMG_2328 2

As always if you have any questions regarding flights, prices accommodations do feel free to post in the comment section below or email me on