Fota Island, Cork

I have wanted to go to Fota Island Wildlife & Resort for ages.

And Living Social gave us the ultimate excuse.

With Living Social we got another amazing deal for 2 nights in Fota Island Hotel & Spa including dinner on one evening.

We ate at the Fota Restaurant which was lovely and a lot like the Oscar Wilde Restaurant at the Lodge in Ashford Castle.

Being huge animal fans we couldn’t pass up the chance to go to Fota Island Wildlife Park. Were big kids when it comes to the zoo ;).

For the first time ever, since we have stayed in a hotel with a spa we took advantange of it.

I got my nails done  proper pamper session, unfortunately they didn’t last long. We then took a venture into a Hydratherapy Bath, which was a mix of light, massage and smell therapy. You could choose between sea weed, chocolate, grape, milk, green tea, sea crystal or tranquility, each with their different benefits. I tried the grape which smelt absolutely delicious and Sean took on the chocolate one.

I’m not mad on Spa Treatments but I would definitely recommend that one. So peacefully and relaxing.

After every treatment you get brought to the relaxation room, which overlooks the gardens. Here you get a shot glass of yoghurt and a slice of apple and orange.

Small, but deliciously refreshing!

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Happy Safe Travels