The Groom’s To Do List

Hello Lovelies

I hope ye are all keeping well.


I like to be 100% organised in everything I do. I need to know where I’m going, when I’m going & how I’m getting there. So as you can imagine I’d love to plan this wedding myself, but in the spirit of teamwork, I’ll give Sean a few little jobs! Now having said that I will, naturally, double check with whatever he does! Can never be too safe!!

  • Collecting the wedding invitee addresses
  • Booking the Honeymoon
  • Pick the Wedding Band – I will keep an eye on this one!
  • Sort out the guests accommodation options
  • Arrange Wedding Transport – Thankfully we are having a civil ceremony in the same hotel as our reception so we I have no need to worry about this one! 
  • Organise the Groomsmen’s Suits – I have no problem relinquishing this task over to Sean, especially with the groomsmen he has, they will know what’s good and what’s not  
  • Organising Wedding Day Payments – organising the final payments for your vendors, the photographer, videographer any entertainment you may have on the day, tips what have you.
  • The Speech – I feel we will have to flip a coin over who actually says the speech – He is convinced that I have to do it but, no, he will have to do it. It could be our first marital row hahaha lol!

Now the load should be lightened a little! Now to get Sean to actually do it all