The Dress

Hello Lovelies

I hope you are all keeping well

So probably in order of importance of the wedding to do list is:

  • Venue
  • Dress
  • Entertainment


Venue – Check

Entertainment – In discussion

Dress – Nowhere near decided :O

At first I thought I wanted a two piece outfit rather that just 1 full length dress that, lets face it, is a lot of money for something I will never wear again I thought at least with the two piece I would get wear out of the top & the skirt on different occasions. Like this one – also if someone could give me her body as well that would be fab!


But now I don’t know. I’m seeing so many styles, cuts, colours, sleeves, no sleeves, backless dresses. Do I go through the celebrity wedding collection and pick one from there or do I make one completely from scratch? There are far too many choices out there already and I haven’t even stepped foot in any stores yet! I was thinking something along the lines of:

The lightness of this one


The back of this one including the buttons and the train 


The mermaid style of this one 


And then the back of this one too… and the train! 


But then..It’s Bridal Fashion Week this week in New York & Snapchat is great for fomo and making you rethink everything…


The detailing here


The bodice of this one 


And this one


The back & volume of this one – although I may look like a giant marshmallow 


Oh, gals…I need a hand  Thankfully Mam & I will be going shopping soon and she will definitely help me narrow down the choices

I’ll keep ya posted