Mother’s(of The Bride) Know Best

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all keeping well. In this segment of our wedding i’l give you 3 reasons why you should listen to Momma Bear in the run up to your big day. As we grow older, we learn the truth: Mother really does know best.

But just because moms are usually right doesn’t mean that daughters always take their advice. Especially when it comes to weddings. The excitement, stress, and drama of planning a wedding can sometimes skew a bride’s perception of things, and that’s when it is important to listen and hear the advice your mother is giving you. While she’s emotionally invested in your happiness, she may have a clearer head about individual situations.

Remember, your mom is on your team and wants you to be happy, even if she doesn’t always agree with your decisions. You may not do what she tells you to do, but make sure you don’t tune out her advice.

Choosing a Wedding Dress

You are a reflection of your parents. Not just the physical characteristics you share, but the choices and decisions you make as well. Your mother wants you to look your best on your wedding day, no matter what current trends may dictate. She may realize a critical mistake you’re making that you will regret in later life, such as showing entirely too much skin for a church ceremony, or choosing a wedding gown that isn’t super flattering for your body type. Even with the best of intentions, your friends may not want to tell you that you’re better suited in a different style. Your mom won’t lie to you, even if it hurts your feelings, because she knows you’ll be happier in the end.

Wedding Guest Drama

Something that would usually be a simple disagreement with a close friend or sibling can explode, in the blink of an eye, under the stressful weight of wedding planning. Your mom realizes the angst is situational, and she doesn’t want you to do something dramatic that might hurt your relationships long term, so it’s a good idea to follow her suggestion if she tells you to take it down a notch.

Dealing With In-Laws

Chances are, if you don’t like your future mother-in-law, your mom probably isn’t her biggest fan either. With that said, your mother has (most likely) been married and dealt with becoming a new family before. And she’s well aware of the long-term repercussions of stupid decisions made for emotional reasons. You may not like your fiancé’s mother much before the wedding, but she has the power to make your relationship hell in the future, should she choose to do so. Use your mom as a sounding board, and take her advice about dealing with it, rather than constantly complaining to your fiancé. And it will be worse if you choose to have children together.

So Listen Well,