10 Things You Can’t Forget To Do The Morning Of Your Wedding

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all keeping well.

While I haven’t planned anything else in my wedding yet, (work has been so busy and it really is hard to find the time to plan when Sean & I are both so tired at the end of the day) but that doesnt mean that I can’t share all the tips I will be using when my our bug day comes along.


Trade Your Heels for your Slippers!

No doubt you will be in heels all day. So wait until the utter most last minute to put your heels on & savour those moments when your feet are comfortable 😉

Give your phone one last charge.

Not only will you be receiving so many calls & texts but you have all the vital vendor numbers in your phone from your cake maker, your selfie mirror or even your chocolate fountain provider – maybe even your vows!

Don’t Skip Breakfast Or Lunch.

Start the day off on the right foot you want a light & healthy breakfast – the minute you put that gorgeous dress on your are going to feel like you wont be able to eat – well if you’re like me you won’t – I spill anything, but it is a long ass day with, lets face it, a lot of alcohol – you need a breakfast to start off.

Make Time for Your Parents

It is a big day for them too. You’ve heard of the “first look” that brides are doing with their hubbies to be… Try it with your father is well. Your mother would of come to all the dress fittings & all the shops with you. But to your father this is the first time he will have seen you in your dress!

Ask a bridesmaid to do the clean up duties.

Once your done with lunch & makeup and its time to get your dress on and all your photos taken – ask one of your bridesmaids to help clean up.

Start a playlist.

Getting ready and getting in the mood for a party or in this case, your wedding it is always better with a playlist on in the background. Katy Perry anyone?

Write a love letter to your fiance.

I’ve written Sean the odd love letter, but I love the idea of writing a love letter on your wedding day – having something personal to look back at and laugh at all the emotions – of course you’ll have the photos/video but the letter would just tie the day up completely.

Pack a makeup bag.

Pack a few essentials – lipstick, eyeliner, foundation – you know between running around & dancing you are bound to need a touchup

Clean your ring.

You want that bling ring to shine in all your photos so the day before drop your ring off at your jewellers to give it a quick shine 🙂

Drink Water – Lots of water.

Start drinking water early rather than later – no you won’t bloat.