10 Must Have Bridal Shots

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all keeping well, as a few of you know I cannot take a proper photo, ie, one where I have a decent smile with my eyes open, you know just not nice ones!

With that in mind I have created a list of the top 10 bridal shots you need to do on your wedding day.

The Hanger Shot

Snap a photo of your dress on its hanger before you step into it to showcase its silhouette and structure in its raw form. It symbolizes the calm before the chaos.

The Getting Ready Shot

This in-between shot captures the last few minutes of you and your dress before you both head down the aisle. Plus, you’ll forever treasure the moment when your bridesmaids helped make your bridal look complete.

The Detailed Shot

Whether it’s extravagant beadwork, elegant buttons, or delicate lace, do your dress some justice and capture its finer details up close.

The Back Shot

Most of your photographs will showcase the front of the dress—don’t forget to get that 360 degree view. From the train to the bodice, the back of the dress always has surprising details in store.

The Windswept Shot

It’s hard not to take advantage of a dress’s floaty fabrics and fun shapes. Play with what it has to offer for a candid shot that will highlight an angle of your dress you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The Editorial Shot

There’s nothing quite as glamorous as a serious editorial pose that looks like it belongs in a magazine. This will be one to frame.

The Train Shot

Have your photographer artfully arrange your train out behind you to emphasize its most stunning aspects. The resulting photo will sweep you off your feet.

The Shoe Shot

The dress may steal the show, but it’s nothing without the shoes. Show off how good they look with your dress by lifting up the skirt for a sweet and flirty shot.

The Sitting Shot

Forget standing up—sitting down with the skirt spread out around you magically transforms your dress to resemble a soft cloud of snow for a fairytale princess look.

The Outdoorsie Shot

You can’t beat the gorgeous romance the wind creates as it carries the dress’s skirt into a billowing ethereal dance behind you.

If these aren’t in your wedding album, you’re missing out