73 Questions With Me

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all keeping well

Inspired by Vogue Magazine’s online series 73 questions with… I have found all 73 questions and I am going to answer them all for you now… So sit back, like me pour yourself a glass of vino & enjoy 🙂

What’s your favourite movie? 

Meet Joe Black – A young Brad Pitt – need I say more

Meet Joe Black

What’s your favourite movie within the last 5 years? 

Tough one – I thought about this one a lot and I can’t narrow it down to just one it has to be a tie between – Bridesmaids, Avengers Assemble & Star Wars The Force Awakens

Favourite Hitchcock Film? 

Rear Window – James Stewart is an incredible actor and can do no wrong in my eyes.

rear window

A book I plan on reading? 

She Means Business – Carrie Green. i love a good self help and a business one at that is even better.

A book that I read in school that really shaped me? 

Under the Hawthorn Tree by Marita Conlon McKenna. A harrowing tale of Irish Famine.

Favourite TV Show that is currently on? 

Grey’s Anatomy

One a scale of 1 – 10 how excited am I about life right now? 

I’d give life a fair 3 right about now, maybe 4 for the fact that I have a glass of wine beside me & the fact that I am contemplating on ordering a Sticky Toffee Pudding!!

iPhone or Android?

iPhone – once you go Apple you never go back! 

Twitter or Instagram? 

Instagram – I was never one for the Tweet Tweets!

Who should everyone be following right now? 

Dawn O Porter aka Hot Patooties on literally every platform! I love her 3 Questions with DOP

What’s my favourite food? 

Carbonara – the mix of pasta, creamy sauce & absolute warmth as you eat it is just magic!

Least favourite food? 

Anything fishy – although I have made it a New Years Resolution to attempt to try something new every now and then

What do you love on your pizza?

Pepperoni, Chicken, Red Onions – Barbeque sauce not tomato! & Anything that is remotely spicy!

Favourite drink? 

Oh, I can’t limit it to 1.

Alcoholic – Unicorn Tears Gin & Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic

Hot – Vanilla Latte – sweety & enough of a kick to get you past the 3 o clock slump

Cold – Diet Coke Peach – taste sensation

Favourite Dessert? 

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Both – no sane person can pick between the two.

Coffee or Tea? 


What’s the hardest part about being a woman? 

When Easter and TOM hit at the same time…. my waistline has gone to shreds!

What’s my favourite band? 

Again, I can’t limit it to just one..

Coldplay & Mumford & Sons

Favourite solo artist? 

Ed Sheeran

If I could sing a duet with someone who would it be?

Ed Sheeran

If I could master one musical instrument what would it be? 


If I had a tattoo where would I get it?

WHere wouldn’t I is an easier question? If I was due to get another tattoo! I would get it on the inside of my arm

Bonus Question: What would I get? 

I would get a spool of thread and a needle – I’ve pricked myself with enough sewing needles it seems only harmonious, right?

To Be or Not to Be? 

To Be.

I want to reach a point in my career where I no longer have to introduce myself?

Pretentious or Ambitious? Tell me in the comments below

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs. No Question

Bird or Whale Watching? 

Whale Watching – much more exciting

Best gift I have ever received? 

A week in Rome for my 21st birthday from Sean

Best gift I have ever given? 

Helicopter lessons to Sean – but really I am the Queen of Gifts. I just love shopping & i can translate that into giving great gifts.

Last gift I gave to a friend? 

Tickets to Wicked The Musical

Favourite board game? 

Cluedo or Monopoly

Favourite Country to Visit?

America – While i can before the wall goes up!

What is the last country I visited? 


What country do I wish to visit? 


What’s my favourite colour?


What’s my least favourite colour? 


Diamonds or Pearls 

Diamonds 😉 – Sure they are a gal’s best pal!

Heels or Flats 

Wedges – controversial. I am too short & stumpy with flats on and I am too much like Bambi in heels

Pilates or Yoga

Neither – I just walk – another controversial one I know Pilates is good for posture & yoga is good for the ole soul but I’d much rather walk

Jogging or Swimming? 

I believe it is pronounced yogging the j is soft


But Swimming all the way

Best way to de stress?


If I had one superpower what would it be? 

Teleportation – the amount of money I would save

What is the weirdest word in the english language? 


What’s my favourite flower? 

French Tulips

When was the last time I cried? 

3rd of February 2018 – balled like a baby

Do I like my handwriting? 

You know that movie Split with James McAvoy? Yeah? No? Why not – go watch it?

And then come back to me – but long story short I think I have multiple personality disorder – my writing changes depending on how quickly i need things written! So, eh, yeah I like my writing

Do I bake? 

Not as much as I would like

What is the least favourite thing about me? 

My rosecrea – Everything is just red

What is my most favourite thing about me? 

I have been told I have hypnotic eyes

Who do I miss the most? 

The Easter Bunny – come back I haven’t had my chocolate fix!

What am I listening to right now? 

My Time Capsule on Spotify – the tunes are unreal

Favourite smell?

Petrol!! but on a saner note – Coco Chanel Number 5 – always takes me back to being a kid and using my mam’s bottle like it was water – Sorry mam

Who is the last person I spoke to on the phone? 

My boss!! Dedicated on a friday night 😉

Who is the last person I sent a text too? 


A sport I wish I could play?

American Football – Don’t ask me why I am just intrigued

Hair Colour?

Brown with blonde balayage – soon to be totally blonde after 3 more trips to the salon – stay tuned

Eye Colour?

Piercing Blue 😉

Scary Film or Happy Endings

Happy Endings but are they ever really happy? – #Cynical

Favourite Season


3 People alive or dead I would love to have a meal with? 

Barack Obama, Melissa McCarthy & Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. Barack Obama – tantalising conversation, Melissa McCarthy is mighty craic & Gabrielle Chanel so I can have her success secrets!

Hugs or Kisses 

Hugs 🙂

Rolling Stones or The Beatles 

The Beatles

Where was I born?

Dublin, Ireland

What is the farthest I have been from home?


Las Vegas Nevada

Viva las Vegas

Sweet or Savoury?


Lipstick or Lipgloss? 


What book have you read again & again? 

Harry Potter and the Philsopher’s Stone

Favourite Bedtime Story?

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears

What would the title of my autobiography be? 

What the Absolute Fuck Was That?

Favourite Sound?

The kettle boiling

Favourite Animal?

Bengal Tiger


Who is my girl crush?

Soon to be Princess Meghan Markle

Last Photograph I took?

House of Fraser Bristol Karen Millen’s refit

Go in and have a look


Can you believe it we have reached the end of our 73 questions, I have enjoyed our time together 😉 have you?

Share with me what are you answers to these 73 questions?


































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