Ring Palmistry Explained

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are keeping well.
Palm Reading

We are all familiar with palm readings and which line means your going to be rich, how long you’re going to be married for etc but the new craze is

Ring Palmistry

We’ve always seen multi packs of rings in the likes of Topshop, Penneys, River Island but who knew where you placed those rings meant something up until I simply put whether ring would fit on sausage I call fingers!

I suppose I’ll start from the beginning.

Palmistry is the ancient art of divining someone’s personality from their hands & it gives an insight into a person’s character. 

How does where you wear your ring say about you and your behavioral traits?

The Thumb Ring = Control

Far from festival goers & hipsters wearing a ring on your thumb is a sign of self motivating characteristics & even aggression. The thumbs are all about self control and willpower. When someone wears a ring on their thumb it represents a drive for more power. Thumb rings are also worn by people who want to change the world in some way like eco warriors, feminists & socialists.

Index Finger Ring = Esteem 

Also known as the Mirror Finger and plays a significant role in self reflection & self esteem. Wearing a ring on your index finger can help boost your sense of self.

Middle Finger Ring = Morals

Also known as the Wall Finger due to its central & stable position on the hand it is linked to lifestyle and morals. it can relate to the internal conflict of struggling to find a role in society and insecurity in ones place in life.

Fourth Finger Ring = Love & Commitment 

The Wedding Ring – what else would it have a connection too. Ancient Egyptians believed that the vena amoris, the vein of love, made a connection between this finger and the heart.

Little Finger = shows you are sexually open


The little finger is known as the antenna in modern palmistry as it is all about communication whether it is verbal, physical or sexual.

A Ring on Every Finger = Insecurity

Those who feel the need to wear rings on every finger tend to have insecure and troubled personalities.

Just when you thought that was it!! Hold on to those jewels:

Ring widths also mean something:

God thank god I am writing this down or I would never remember it!

Slim ring bands symbolise longevity & commitment.

Thicker ring bands are associated with being free and single and resemble a kind of costume jewellery, these style of bands are favoured by young people!

Rings that don’t form full circles but instead spiral up the finger show signs of an open approach to partnerships.

Now metals matter:


Traditionally associated with Apollo the sun god – who was both loyal and protective – the ideal qualities for a spouse! Probably why it is a go to choice for a wedding band.


Worn on the thumb of the dominant hand perfect for those who have set personal targets.


Associated with Jupiter, King of the Gods, anyone feeling vulnerable or neglected should opt for a pewter or base metal bands which contain tin to give themselves a confidence boost!

And finally gemstones:


Absorb & amplify the thoughts of those that wear them. They were once used for detoxification as they were said to protect people from poisons.


Aided in fertility as well as improve eyesight,clift depression and relieve insomnia.


Strongly associated with emotions like love and passion.


Protect people from misfortune & bad health as well as a symbol of friendship & love.


Have been associated with peace, happiness and help in communication as well as inspiration.
















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