What to Wear?


Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well.

Silly Season is nearly upon us 🙂 and with that comes all the parties, the dilemmas and the “I have nothing to wear” tantrums but don’t worry I have you covered 😉

Your welcome!

There are a few things to take into account that you may not have realised like the following:

Consider the invitation

The thicker the card, the smarter the event!

If the invite came via facebook then you can relax a little – the appropriate attire is Jeans & A Nice Top! 

However, don’t let the paperless post confuse you just because the invite came into your inbox doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need a floor length gown!

Snag the guest list

This gives you both people you can quiz about their interpretations of the dress code and handy intel when you’re considering to repeat an old favourite! (This isn’t a faux pas anymore it just proves you know your style)

Above all you don’t want to turn up wearing the same outfit as someone else. if it does happen instagram it immediately as a hilarious faux pas and then keep well away from your doppleganger.

Don’t be afraid to text your host for clarification

One girl’s “dress to impress” is another girl’s “barely there Balmain mini dress”.


If it’s handbags at dawn kind of bash – something short & litzy can never be wrong

How often in the year can you wear sequins? Flaunt them while you can

If it says black tie event, don’t be afraid to wear black 

There is a reason why everyone else is wearing it. And always bear it in mind, that if the host is making a real effort you need to too.

Happy Partying 




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