Summer Skin To Winter Skin

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are keeping well. Our skin is a tell tale sign of who well we are internally and emotionally. It is important to look after your skin inside and outside.


Weather change isn’t the only thing that effects our skin. The pH balance in our skin changes as well. In general we all produce more oil in the summer than the winter. With decreased oil production, our skin can become confused and irritated. Instead of reactively treating redness or dryness after it’s a problem.

Here are four steps to combat this:

Step 1: 

Switch to a Gentler Cleanser

Swap your regular cleanser for a softer more nourishing oil based formula in the colder weather. The key thing to remember with a cleanser is that your skin shouldn’t feel super tight after. Over drying your skin with cleansers can cause your oil glands to overcompensate – leaving you even oilier.

Step 2:

Keep Exfoliating

This might seem counterproductive if you have dry skin, but regular exfoliation actually helps encourage skin cell turnover and brightens the skin. When adding a chemical exfoliant into your transitional skin routine, it’s most effective to go with a gentle exfoliant – it takes time for your skin to accumulate to products with a different pH level.

Step 3:

Go with a heavier moisturiser

Moisturising is key. Dry skin is prone to inflammation, rashes,itching and infection. Switch your light, summertime moisturiser to a heavier one. If you want to keep your light moisturiser as a morning routine and incorporate your heavier cream into your night time routine.

Step 4:

Don’t skimp on the sunscreen 

It’s a common misconception that in the chillier months, when the sun doesn’t beat down as intensely as it does in the first week in June. Without sunscreen as part of your daily regimen you skin products won’t be as effective as UV rays can degrade the active ingredients in your non SPF skin products.

Skin Health should be the number 1 priority for everyone.

Stay safe.




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