My Weight Loss Journey

Happy Monday

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are keeping well.

I don’t know if this is just me or if it is everyone, but when I moved out I put on shed loads of weight. What it was about moving out but it was almost like freedom.


Freedom to eat all the biscuits & the nice things you just bought in the shops not 10 minutes before hand. So, yeah I can see where my 2, well if we are honest, 3 stone weight gain came into play. That is horrific – I only moved out 2 years ago. So, like, that is not right. Now, I’m lazy in the terms of exercise, I don’t own a gym membership, I never will it will be wasted on me, I don’t do weights or bootcamps. I did do it one night but I never went back! The only form of exercise I get a week is I walk to work, and about twice a month in work, we do these things called “launches”, where we move stock around the shop floor, bring down new stock & put it on the floor. Thats pretty intense – I call that my workout – but other than that I don’t do anything.

So, I tried cutting out the sweets, the sugar, the.. alcohol. I’m not one for the vegan, gluten, sugar and carb free diet. I couldn’t I love food too much to cut out all the nice “bad” food. I am great at eating fruit & veg so that is never the problem. So I upped my fruit intake & my veg consumption. I walked even more than I did. Nothing.

So I tried Skinny Coffee Club

skinny coffee club.jpg

I know what you are thinking, fad diet. Doesn’t work. Nope, not buying into it.

I like to go into things with an open mind. So I ordered 1 months supply – 28 days and gave it ago. Now I’m not one for cutting out foods which is what this diet includes, I’d just go crazy – I don’t have the willpower(for certain foods) so rather than cut everything out completely I just cut back.

I cut back on:

  • the sweets
  • the sugar
  • the alcohol

I cut out:

  • potatoes
  • dairy products

The deal with Skinny Coffee Club is to have 1 cup everyday, follow their meal & exercise plans(as best as you can) and drink as much water as possible. The first cup is always hard to swallow – I use almond milk – the roasted sweetened taste & half a teaspoon of honey, and it is beautiful. After the first week I stopped adding the honey & just used the almond milk. After the first week, I felt incredible, my skin became more clearer, my energy was up & I lost 4.5lbs. Now when you stick to the Skinny Coffee Club meal & exercise plan you do lose more lbs that just the 4.5lbs I have a love of chocolate that is too great ;’) ;’).

This jumpsuit is a size 8. A SIZE 8!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? I was in Penneys, where I got the jumpsuit & I had the 8 & the 10 in my hands and I was like no the 10 looks huge, I’ll get the 8. I am so happy I did. Now, it could be the sizing of the jumpsuit & it could be cut a little bigger but i’m not going to believe that ;’) ;’).

Everyone has commented on my weightloss & I feel so much better & so much thinner, I still have a long way to go but I am so motivated. I’ve gone back to Skinny Coffee Club & bought a 2 month supply :). They have even given me a discount code for everyone, simply enter “AOIFE20” after you press the checkout button and you get 20% off.


I still have a lot of weight to lose but luckily I have my Skinny Coffee to keep me going. I love this jumpsuit. The colour, the print… and their culottes. As you know, I’m not one for culottes but I love the flowiness of this jumpsuit, of course as it is the summer I can only wear this until the end of august but it is definitely one I will be re-wearing next summer & I am not ashamed to say it ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’). And it’s Penneys Hun!

After this month’s coffee is over I hope to be able to post a rock hard ab picture ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’) ;’) As if I won’t make you all sick!!!!!

Happy Slimming



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