Achieving The Perfect Skin Selfie

Hello Lovelies

I hope you are all keeping well.

What was with that sunshine today? 17 degrees. I went out of a walk in shorts – notions about myself!

This weekend we went out for dinner to Little Caesars in Rathfarnham. (Outfit post to come ;)) No im not the one to take loads of selfies on any occasion but on Saturday night I decided to do something different and wow did it pay off. I am really picky about my makeup because I have so many little flaws issues that I like to cover up, like my rosy rosy thats right rosy cheeks, my horrific eyebrows so I have tried and tested so many ways to get that picture perfect skin. I think this combination really works.

  1. Mix facial oil with your foundation.

Pump out a bit of full-coverage foundation onto the back of your hand, and add two drops of oil over the foundation, dabbing them both with a damp makeup sponge to mix them together. I used Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil & Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation.


  1. Use a darker shade to contour.

The contour palette from So Su By SJ is perfect for this. I am normally shade 1 so contouring with shade 2 with a hint 4 is perfect for me. Always go up two shades of your regular shade when you are contouring – it will give you better definition.


  1. Dark Circles are the devil.

No matter how long I have slept the night before I go out if I have had a long week it shows in those dreaded eye bags. So – so sue comes to the rescue again with shade number 3. When you apply that with a sponge and blend it in with your overall foundation – who can tell you didn’t get a good night sleep!



I’d love to know how you have gotten your skin selfie perfect?


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