Dancing Feet

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Friday. I hope you are all keeping well. With it being a friday evening & we are in the middle of wedding season. I thought I would write a post on how to get your feet prepped and lasting until morning 🙂


After months of hibernation and hiding away under woolly socks, nylon tights and some serious layers, it’s time to swap the winter woollies and boots for some summer sandals.

1. Get rid of hard skin

First things first, after months hidden away, your feet will have its fair share of hard skin – the last thing you want is your dry heels peeping out of your gorgeous new sandals. Thankfully, gone are the days of filing for hours on end – if you’re looking to soften it right up. I prefer to use one of the scholl products I’ve used them for years & their range is incredible.

2. Don’t forget your nails

It’s not just your feet that will have taken a bit of a battering over the winter months; your nails will have suffered as well. Hidden away under socks and boots all winter long, there’s very little air getting at them and nail polish can take its toll, causing staining and discolouration over time. Make sure to spend some time looking after them – trimming regularly, taking care of cuticles and giving them a break from polish now and again so that they look the part if you’re donning some sandals.

3. Pick your shoes wisely

If your feet are killing you by dinner, trying to dance the night away will be torture which is why choosing your shoes wisely is essential! There are some seriously swoon-worthy high heels out there for gals at the mo but realistically, if you want to see the day through in the same pair of heels and not resort to hobbling(or a pair of flats) come the speeches, a more ‘sensible’ heel height might be your best option. Make sure you feel comfy in the heels you choose.

4. Break in your shoes

Make sure to break them in! There’s a whole lots of hours between a wedding ceremony at 1ish and the ressie bar come 3am so make sure you can walk in your chosen shoes. Pop them on around the house the couple of weeks before so there’s no nasty surprises on the day – this way, you’ll have time for any break-in blisters to go down and you’ll feel comfy when you do set foot on the aisle.

P.S. It might be an idea to pop a pair of handy flats or flip flops in with your emergency kit or hide them under the reception table… just in case!

5. Show your feet some love

Getting rid of dead skin is one thing, but you need to make sure your feet get some TLC as well before breaking out the sandals. Make sure your skin is silky smooth with some daily moisturising on both your feet and your legs) so your feet will glide in to your heels on the day.

P.S. Same goes for your hands and nails. Your hands are going to be getting a lot of attention on your wedding day with the new addition to your ring finger.

6. Add a pretty pedi to the to-do list

If you’re jetting off on honeymoon straight after, make some time to get a pedi! With your feet and nails in perfect shape, they’re more than ready for a burst of colour or classic sheer polish. You’ll be glad you did when you slip in to your sandals poolside!

Happy Pampering 😉



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